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Its all about having high quality standards

Our milk is the most important raw material that gives that special flavour to cheese, yogurt, the Kopanisti the Tyrovolia, the ricotta and our rice pudding. In all our products we use only fresh goat and sheep milk from Mykonos. Our non-negotiable principle is to only use fresh local milk. Closely controlling each stage of production and processing of milk -from using proper nutrition and animal health, to final disposal of the product to the consumer- in our Diary we work to offer uncompromised high quality products consistently. Our milk comes from selected herds of local smallsized breeds that give less but qualitative milk and graze freely in selected areas of Mykonos and Rhenia. Breeders who we have chosen to work with, share the same philosophy with us, as regards the importance of tradition and quality. Our production follows the seasons of animal lactation and this direct connection with nature contributes to the excellent taste and freshness of our products.

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Ξινότυρο Μυκόνου, ένα βαζάκι χαμηλό σε λιπαρά και πλούσιο σε πρωτεΐνες

Το ξινότυρο είναι ένα μαλακό τυρί, το οποίο παράγεται από 60% πρόβιο και 40% αγελαδινό γάλα και αποτελεί ένα από τα πιο γευστικά τυροκομικά προιόντα…
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